pok residents protest lack of schools and colleges, say pakistan guilty of tax loot

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Voice of dissent in several parts of Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (PoK) have been repeatedly rising in the face of what many locals say is an indifferent attitude of Islamabad. The most-recent protest was organised in Tarar Khel where locals rued lack of basic infrastructure despite paying taxes.

News agency ANI reports that anti-Pakistan protests were organised here with people asking why they are being ignored. "Basic infrastructure like schools and colleges are our right and not a favour by those who are ruling. Taxes we pay go into pockets of those in power," a protestor said. "PM after PM only make false promises."

This is hardly the first or the only accusation levelled at Islamabad by people living in PoK. Recent months have seen protest marches being taken out in which people have demanded a number of amenities like better medical facilities, proper administration and access to clean water. In fact, a large number of residents of Muzzafarabad earlier this month even accused Pakistan of waging water war on them, saying that water from Neelum River in PoK is being diverted to the country's Punjab province. They have also been protesting against the proposed construction of Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Project.

Then there are accusations that Pakistani forces have repeatedly resorted to brutalities to clamp down voices raised in protest. Last month, large protests were carried out against Pakistani Army in at least two cities of PoK.

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